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  • Stop your vehicle immediately
  • Get uninjured passengers out of the vehicle to the side of the road; safely away from traffic and the vehicle.
  • Call the police immediately. If phone is not available, ask at least 2 people to call.
  • Exchange information (see inside this brochure).
  • Take pictures of the accident (if it's safe) showing positions of vehicles.
  • Report the accident to DMV if anyone is hurt or if damage exceeds $1000.


  • Never make any statements about the accident to anyone but the police (at the scene).
  • Don't discuss responsibility or "who's at fault".
  • Don't make any "deals" with other parties at the scene.
  • Don't sign any agreements at the scene.
  • Don't be forced to have repairs done at a shop you are not comfortable with. You are allowed to choose your repair facility.

24 Hour Tow Service